Small but MIGHTY! How to make the most of your entrepreneurial goals!


I’m known to use the phrase “labor of love” when talking about the business of being an entrepreneur. I’m not sure any other way to put it delicately. It’s a beautiful, challenging relationship that can often be hard to fathom, but if there’s one thing you should know about being an entrepreneur it’s that you can do it, and when you do, it’s so rewarding.

With the wondrous world of social media, it’s hard to get caught up in comparing yourself with other entrepreneurs instead of focusing on what you’re doing to make yourself more successful. We don’t believe in putting anyone down, but also want to shine light on the fact that 1 million followers doesn’t have to be your measure of success. It’s important to channel your energy in a positive manner and keep trekking forward even when it’s tough. After all, you embarked on this amazing journey for a reason, so it’s necessary to remind yourself of that as often as you can.

Your company may be small, but it’s also mighty. You, as an entrepreneur, have the ability to impact the lives of others. For us, it’s making a couple’s wedding of their dreams come true and something they’ll always remember. For any entrepreneur, t’s vital to create a mission for your company and stay on your personal goals.

So how do you do this when leading such a busy & hectic life? Here are some tips to channel your entrepreneurial strength and make the most of it.

1)     Breathe! You’re doing the best you can in a crazy hectic world. Whether you feel that you’re on your a-game or you’re having an off day, it’s important to breathe and take a moment to reflect on why you started this in the first place.

2)     Take a day off: I know, I know. This is NOT easy, but it’s crucial for your mental health that you do this. Labor of love, you know, you love your work so much that you feel the need to be on the look-out for it all the live long day, but it’s essential to you and your company to look around, enjoy life and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

3)     Share your journey: Whether you’re writing a blog, posting a photo on Instagram or sharing a story with your family, it’s important to be proud of this journey; both the struggles and the successes. You never know when a tip or story can help a fellow entrepreneur.

4)     Ask for help: another hard one, but as long as you aren’t asking for obscene favors, it’s okay to ask for a little help here and there. For example, maybe a family friend offers a service you’re looking to invest in, ask them for a brief on what your company may need and why it’s beneficial. You could perhaps end up hiring them in the future!