We turned 1!

There’s an age old saying, “a lot can happen in a year,” and we’re feeling that nostalgia now. In the blink of an eye, Haven House Events is celebrating their ONE year anniversary in business! 

This post is dedicated to the brains behind the operations: Leah and Andrew! Humble, kind and easy to work with, these two have accomplished a lot in the past year and have big plans for the future. We at Haven House Events believe that one of the most important aspects of having a wedding planner is trusting them as a person and a professional. So, let’s dig deep and get to know these two! 


Q) What has been the best part of your year in business? 

The best part of our year in business has to be creating a brand from scratch, and seeing it evolve. This year has been a year of learning. We are seeing what works in advertising, marketing, collaborating, and creating content, and it’s our mission to adjust accordingly. The journey in creating something from nothing though has been the best part of business for us. 


Q) What is the best part about being in business with your best friend? 


Leah and I mesh together so well that being in business together comes easy. Of course we had our reservations in the beginning after hearing horror stories of people in the same situation falling out and closing shop, but we decided to take a leap of faith in our friendship. We both play different roles in the business, and we both express our opinions on the brand respectfully and without judgment. In the end, we have the same vision for the brand, and our end results are always the same. 


Q) Individually, what are both of your favorite parts of being a Wedding Planner? 


Leah: My favorite part is being able to create and design with couples who are really excited to do the same! When people are passionate about the aesthetics of their wedding it gets me excited! It means they want to create a lasting memory for themselves and their guests, and I'm all about that! 


Andrew: My favorite part is the planning process. I like the hustle, and I thrive off juggling all the logistics! Collaborating and meeting new vendors in the industry also gets me excited. Although this business is so vast, in your individual markets of working it ends up being very close knit. You never know where your next client will come from, and it’s great to be able to refer talented vendors to new clients. 


Q) What got you started in the industry? 


Leah and I both came from different backgrounds in the work force. I was a restaurant manager turned event coordinator, turned business owner and wedding coordinator. Leah worked in child care and our paths both met in a small city in between San Diego and Los Angeles where we both come from. Fast forward three years of friendship and you have best friends, creating their own stories in business. 


Q) What can we expect coming up for HHE? 


As we have just celebrated our one year anniversary in business we can't wait to continue to evolve and grow in our market place. In mid-2017 we plan on doing some editorial work with fellow vendors, and towards the end of 2017 we will be gearing up our marketing and wedding expo features to continue booking clients for 2018. 


Our long term goal is to create a brand that is self-reliant and create a platform that we can use to venture into other markets. If we could give the tools we are building to other planners in cities across the US, we could eventually have HHE wedding planners across the states in markets that enjoy celebrating weddings as much as we do!