5 So-Cal Summer Wedding Tips!

Summer in sunny Southern California is always beautiful, and this season will be more memorable with your wedding accompanying the weather. While you’re busy finalizing decisions and making lists, don’t forget to check out some festive tips that will help pull together your big day. Remember that your wedding is about celebrating the love between two people, so make sure to enjoy every step of the process together because it goes fast!

The sun is beautiful, no doubt, but one of the most magnificent aspects of planning a wedding is making it unique to you and your significant other. Just because a website tells you to do something one way, doesn’t mean it’s the only way to get things done. Pop open a bottle of champagne or scoop some ice cream and channel your creativity with your significant other while planning the wedding of your dreams.

1)     Craft a refreshing, signature cocktail. Get in the kitchen and test out some recipes together. Mash together a fun name for it and make sure to serve it at your wedding. You’ll always have that recipe to go back to on special occasions and it’ll live on forever as your wedding day signature cocktail. Not to mention, most weddings with open bars can be overwhelming for guests, having a go-to choice makes things easy and enjoyable!

2)     Flowers, flowers, flowers! Yes, they can be expensive, but one of the most remarkable things about Southern California venues are that many are completely surrounded by the beauty of them. Choose a venue that is bounded by flowers daily and there will be less of a need for buying as many.

3)     Food for less! While the heat is nice, sometimes heavy foods don’t react well with peoples body temp. Opt for a lighter take on dishes opposed to overdoing the baked and fried foods. People will thank you when they’re able to get up and move around the dance floor full but feeing great.

4)     Care packages for your bridal party. Men and women alike sweat in heat and it’s not always comfortable. Make sure your bridal party stays energized with bottled water for hydration, face wipes for the glistening glow of sweat, and other little goodies that will be put to good use during the day.