Be Seated - A Guide to Escort Cards

We've seen it happen.

The beautiful escort cards set out neatly for your guests to find there seat. Each guests name written in calligraphy. DJ is playing music for mood as your guests sip champagne and wait for their meals you graciously provided. You even gave your guests entree options to choose from when you sent those RSVP's 2 months ago. Until now, everything in your storybook wedding has gone as planned. But with any good story, comes the plot twist. The ever annoying fact that you forgot to place meal indicators on these beautiful cards. How will your venues wait staff distinguish who receives the meal they requested 2 months ago? 

 Listen, this was just "but a dream". A nightmare rather! All is well, and all is avoidable! 

  1. If you have opted on a plated dinner with more than one entree choice, DO make sure to include a small indicator for the venue wait staff to distinguish who is eating what. 

  2. Entree options written out such as "steak" are OKAY, but Small transparent indicators such as a chicken are AWESOME. They make it easy to distinguish and add whimsical character to your cards. 

  3. When considering your escort card options remember that each individual needs their own card. Brown Family does not count or work! (It sounds like a given understanding but believe me I've seen it happen before!)

  4. In today's age, it is more than likely some of your guests have allergies, or restrictions to certain foods, remember to include a line in your RSVP's asking of any dietary needs. Its not necessary to have this information on there card. But you will need to provide this to your venue for them to accommodate your guests needs. Let them handle that part.

  5. Lastly, DON'T take the its my wedding, why am I putting so much effort into what my guests are eating approach. Trust me, you have payed a lot of money more than likely for all your guests to enjoy your first dinner as a couple with you. The effort is not for them, its for you! So you may Sip, taste, and enjoy!