Chase what speaks to you

There is a certain type of crazy you have to be to decide to jump into the ever-thrilling world of small business and freelancing. I started my business a mere 7 and a half months ago. In this time I have booked 1 wedding, with 1 pending approval. It may not seem like much, but their is much I've learned on the journey. There is a wall somewhere between dreamland and reality. At this wall, their are a series of questions you are forced to ask yourself. Why am I doing this? Can I afford to continue the cost of opening up this business? How will I market myself? I mean, the questions this wall asks you are endless! 

Here is what I have learned thus far. 

Every brand needs a signature look & style. Your logo is possibly the most important part to that look. Your logo will appear on just about everything you use to advertise yourself.. But wait, your not a graphic designer? Neither am I. Believe me, I went through 7 different logo styles & options before I found what spoke to me. 

  1. Before you open up your wallet, do your research! - It seems easy enough to find a freelance designer on Craigslist, hire them, and wait for your product to appear in your inbox. What I learned was Craigslist holds a very generic group of designers that provide you with 'ordinary' and 'basic' style logos. By this, I mean...the stuff you see on the side of big rigs. - Meet my friends ordinary & basic.  

2. FREE is never a good idea. - So you see the cost of branding and you say, screw it! I can do this myself! You google search free logo design, and low and behold, they've reeled you in. Sites like Graphic Springs and Tailor Brands create your logo with algorithms that adapt to your taste. Problem is, nothing is exclusive to you. For all you know, Denise from Tennessee has your same logo, just with a different name. 

Instead: Try freelancers who specialize in the entire branding process of your logo. Try sites like Etsy, and Fiverr, whose designers embrace creativity and identify with what your looking for. Spend the extra cash and time to customize your logo with a unique color scheme, and utilize those that give you two or three styles along with an avatar to fit in those annoyingly small boxes on your social media accounts.  

No longer are we in the ages where one style logo defines your brand. Now you can utilize a few signature looks. (But keep it at no more than three styles...Then it just gets silly!) 

_Stories from a wanderer, entrepreneur, mistake-maker, & dreamer. 



Andrew Vasquez