Behind the Brand

Whatever you want to do, do it today, there are only so many tomorrows

Three in the afternoon, and three tall coffees in to a productive Monday, I sit at a corner Starbucks, somewhere in between Los Angeles and Pasadena California. Meeting checked off the to-do list and one venue visited, the potential is endless, and the vision relentless. 

Leah and I started Haven House for the love of the industry, and the passion to create memorable events for our clients. Our brand started with simple chemistry, and developed into effortless fun cultivating our dreams. Don't get me wrong - we went back to the drawing board more than a few times developing our look, style, and ultimately our vision for the company. We challenged each other to take a second look, revise, question, take a third look, and even then revise! We wanted our business to reflect our personalities and be a 'safe haven' to our clients. 

We think that we did just that, and we couldn't be more excited to continue to grow, and challenge each other along the way to build our brand to new levels.